The prevailing sentiment in the current era of the Music Industry is that of confusion, disenchantment, and ennui. Rock stardom has become the new American Dream, of which everyone feels deserving. With too many cooks in the New York kitchen, musical appetite has revealed a body dysmorphia. I'll never be pretty enough. Might as well stick to junk food.

Kings and Queens was borne out of the frustration of such a disparaging climate. Sylvana Joyce, Christopher King, and Valerie Reaper, all having met at a national songwriting competition, all felt an immediate camaraderie. Supporting each other's separate songwriting projects (and often contributing musically to them), the idea came up one night of combining forces.

It's easy to choose to fend for oneself, especially in a self-absorbed, tabloid obsessed world. In fact, Rock and Roll tends to favor zealots seeking the title as "best artist/band on Earth". Those who succeed are called Gods.

Christopher was the one who offered the idea of a musical collaborative, cheekily named "Kings and Queens". Early showcases featuring the friends and colleagues of the trio received praise, even from the likes of national publications like Huffington Post. It soon became clear that the idea deserved to be put to the ultimate test - and what better way, than to hit the road.

The three writers, who have all opened for national acts, played at major festivals, and performed their original work on DailyMotion/NBC's Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase, learned each other's repertoire as well as tried their hand at new instruments in oder to accompany each other. The result is a world-class acoustic act that spans genres and offers the audience an engaging "in the round" songwriting experience.

Stay tuned for their upcoming 2016 tour this Spring.